Los Angeles Area Home Inspections, Commercial Inspections & Apartment Inspections – We have been providing thorough, unbiased assessments of the physical condition of residential dwellings, commercial buildings, and income properties throughout Los Angeles County since 1979. These comprehensive inspections are provided by a Civil Engineer and include a visual examination of a property from top to bottom, inside and out, and report on the condition of the structure, systems, and components that make up a building. The results of our findings are then presented in a detailed written report that provides a clear understanding of the property. These inspections are generally performed for buyers as part of their due diligence requirements but are also common for sellers, lessees, and lessors. A competent, professional inspection provides valuable knowledge that is helpful in making an informed decision about a property. This can result in saving tens of thousands of dollars in unplanned repairs, or the information gained can be used to budget for work that is needed.

State Mandated Balcony Inspections – We provide compliance inspections of balconies, stairs, and other elevated components required by California SB 721. Following the collapse of a balcony in the Berkley area in 2015 that killed six people and injured seven, this bill was enacted in August 2018 for the purpose of increasing the safety of certain elevated elements at buildings having three or more dwelling units. The mandate is statewide and the building owner is responsible for the cost of compliance.

Specialty Inspections – Our specialty assessments include Condominium Conversion inspections, Health and Safety inspections, Property Condition Assessments (PCA), Project Capital Needs Assessments (PCNA), and Physical Needs Assessments (PNA). These inspections identify material violations of the L.A. Building Code, L.A. Housing Code, California Uniform Building Code, or the HUD physical conditions standards set forth in 24 CFR § 5.703, as well as defects that could affect the habitability or safety of a property including its structural integrity.

Structural Engineering Design & Inspections – We are licensed Civil Engineers, and also hold General Engineering and General Building contractor’s licenses. Our engineering services include the structural design and examination of building gravity and lateral load-resisting systems, and site reconnaissance to assess building quality of construction and structural condition.

Seismic Risk Assessments – We provide due diligence Probable Maximum Loss (PML) seismic risk studies that can be used by mortgage brokers to make lending decisions, insurance brokers to rate assessments, and building owners to make seismic retrofit plans. Our PML assessments are performed in accordance with the guidelines, criteria, and approaches set forth in ASTM E2026 & ASTM E2557. We also provide the more exhaustive HUD seismic risk assessment that is required for HUD backed projects. These assessments conform to ASCE 31 and meet the requirements of the HUD Seismic Resistance Standards set forth in HUD Section 223(f) Appendix D, Paragraph A, “Seismic Resistance for Substantial Rehabilitation and Existing Projects”.

Legal Services – We have worked with local building departments for decades and are knowledgeable and skilled at resolving problems such as non-compliance citations, or obtaining permits for unapproved additions, conversions, remodeling, or modifications. We are also experienced at forensic investigation and provide expert witness for construction-related and inspection-related disputes.