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If you wish to pay the fee for the services you have scheduled or we have already provided, you may do so here. Payment is subject to the terms and conditions agreed upon in the executed Agreement for the service you requested. Please note that for payments made by credit or debit card, a 3% service fee will be added to the inspection price to cover the merchant fee we are charged. There is no fee for payments made by check or cash. If you wish to pay by card, please acknowledge your acceptance of the service fee and the terms and conditions for fee payment agreed upon in the Agreement by checking the box below. Upon receipt of payment and a fully executed Agreement, the written report of your inspection findings will be delivered to you and/or your designated agent via email the next working day following the inspection, unless mutually agreed upon otherwise.

If we provided a home inspection or commercial building inspection for you, when your inspection was completed, the written report of our findings was delivered as a PDF attachment via email. Also included in your email, was a convenient link that can be used to directly download your report for 90 days.

If you have misplaced that email, please use the form below to request a new link be emailed to you.

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