Occasionally we are asked by a client for a specialist referral to assess a condition identified in their inspection report as needing additional investigation by a licensed expert. We are also sometimes asked for the name of a contractor or merchant that provides a specialty product or service. Below are names of various individuals and companies we recommend. Please note that we have no financial or business relationship with any of these vendors. We have placed them on our preferred provider list because over the years they have demonstrated expertise, quality, and integrity in their field or trade. If you use the services of any of these specialists and are dissatisfied, we ask you contact us and share your concern. We will investigate your complaint and if we agree it is valid, they will be taken off our list.

Area Drainage Inspection

Chimney Inspection


  • Kilgore Electric – (310) 454-3167
  • Sun Electric – (818) 988-1726 or (818) 632-4811

Elevator Inspection

Floor Plans & Floor Area

Foundation Contractor

The Foundation Works – (323) 663-4841


General Contractor

Hardwood Flooring

Alpine Hardwood Flooring – (818) 340-9806

Hazardous Material Inspection (Asbestos, Lead, PCB's)

Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Landscape Sprinklers

Landscaping, Inc. – (818) 997-1492 | Michael J. O’Connor


Dana Creath Designs – (949) 642-4546

Moisture Inspection

Mold Inspection


Pool & Spa Inspection

Bob Culver Pools, Inc. – (818) 427-6910 or (661) 285-2251

Certified Pool Inspections – (818) 843-7665 | David Lipchik

Roof Inspections

A-1 All American Roofing Co., Inc. – (818) 438-8004 | Chris Keil


Sewer Video Scoping

Williams Sewer Line Inspectors – (844) 739-3754

Termite & Pest Control

Marty Chance Exterminating – (310) 534-1677

Our work product is issued as a PDF document and delivered by email. Included in the email is a convenient link that can be used to download the document for up to 90 days from our web server. If we have provided work for you and you wish to download your document but have misplaced the link, please use the form below to request a new link.

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